ServicesEfficieny and Effectiveness

Medico legal Assessments

We offer medico legal assessments and reports for the purposes of determining earnings capacity and employment prospects. The assessments and reports include: Road Accident Fund; Medical Negligence; and Work-related injuries.

Talent Development

We help our clients to develop their existing talents to maintain their leadership pipeline. We offer advice to our clients on suitable developmental plans in order to effectively develop their staff.

Recruitment and Placement

We assist our clients in recruiting and placing the best talent for different levels of the positions. Through utilising our psychometric assessments, we help our clients discover candidates who best are best fit for the positions. We also assist our clients with job profiling should a need arise.

Performance Management

We assist our clients with performance management. Depending on the needs for our clients, we provide services including psychological assessments, coaching, mentoring, training, and counselling to help manage their performance..

Talent Management

We believe that one of the best strategies to retain the existing talent is to match talents of individuals with jobs in order to keep them engaged. The uses of our assessment tools help discover individual talents and their suitable jobs. We also provide career counselling and guidance to help our clients gain insight about their career paths.

Psychometric Assessments

We offer psychometric assessments for various purposes depending on the needs of our clients. Such purposes include but not limited to recruitment and placement, career management and development, organisational development, and leadership development. We assist clients from administration of assessments, report writing, and feedback..

Employee and Organisational Wellness

We care about the wellness of organisations and their employees. In the contemporary world of work, employees often experience challenges that result in lack of engagement. As a consequence, organisations loose productivity. It is therefore our passion to assist our clients through research in identifying the challenges they face, develop intervention programmes and help implement them.

Organisational Development and Change

We work together with experienced Organisational Development Consultants and provide quality services in helping our clients to evaluate, implement, and manage change, organisational structure, organisational culture. Depending on the needs of our clients, we use specific approach that will meet a particular need. Our approach is about involving the individuals who are affected by change in the process in order to ensure that change becomes a success..